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“Vivian frees you up in a way that nothing else can…but then again, that’s just my belief lol
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Everything is imagination and energy or energy and imagination.
A thought or an idea and that’s it.
The observer focuses on the outcome and it is a particle.
When the focus turns away it becomes a wave.
Just like my cloud video below.

When my attention is on dissolving the clouds it disappears and when my attention was drawn away from the intent of making the clouds disappear the form went back together as a cloud in solid form.

Everything is NOW in this MOMENT and Running Simultaneously.

The past, present, and future are all the same thing. We use the words “the past” to describe a previous event and the words “the future” to describe an event yet to come However Everything is Running Moment by Moment as ONE EVENT.

What you do right now can actually change an event that has already occurred in the past. How physics actually shows that if you do something right now it retroactively changes an event that has already happened. If you observe something it acts as a particle and if you don’t it acts as a wave.

What Cosmic Crash Confirmed: Einstein Was as Good as Gold

You are the conscious observer that determines your reality. I call it an illusion created by you because your present reality can be changed by your perception and view of things with intent and consistent focus the molecules change Fast and Instant!

Which makes nothing Really Real at all. They are all creations of individual minds and groups of minds and thought. The more like minds the stronger the power and therefore the intent creates instantly such as the “Disappearing Cloud Video”.

Everything is observer-determined and the past and present are relative only to you, as the observer.

“Yes, your imagination is more real than what we call reality… I’m with you, in this now moment, feeling and thanking you…

These waves of energy and particles, solid form, molecules, and matter are all that there is. Everything is magnetized by your perception of things, focused intent, being the observer.

We can create realities once we understand the reality experience.

Quantum physics is the study of the subatomic world. The building blocks of the universe.

Our body is made up of cells. Those cells are made up of molecules. Which are made up of atoms. Which are in turn made up of subatomic particles like electrons. Everything is made up of large groups of subatomic particles. Our body, a tree, our thoughts, vehicle, planet, light Everything is concentrations of energy. All are really large collections of pretty much of the same types of subatomic particles. And the only difference is the way these particles are grouped together into higher and larger building blocks. That’s the world of quantum physics. Knowing the “how” is how we create ourselves and the world around us.

Many of us know that the subatomic particles, we have heard of the wave and the particle theory. The subatomic particles are not really particles but in a way is a particle.

Atomic particles are really larger particles which are objects or things. Subatomic particles are really not objects at all. They are really probabilities of existence to which what everything is made of.

We understand that we have multiple existences and they are wave-like and particle-like at the same time. Waves and particles are just a function of how we observe the movement of anything that is subatomic. No solid object out there exists! Nothing is solid.

Everything is made of these rapidly flashing packets of energy. Billions and trillions of packets of energy. They flash in and out of any object they don’t just stay there. The human body, a car, or any solid continuous object when we actually take a look at it is actually a rapidly flashing field of energy. You can think of it as when we watch a movie and a person walks across the screen but in reality, what we are really seeing is 24 frames of still energy. Slightly different frames, our eyes can’t detect the gap in between the frames. Each of those frames is a composition of billions of light protons flashing at the speed of light. That is what our world is. That is what our world is made of.

Rapid flash that causes an illusion of being solid and continuous. Once we understand what our world really truly is we can start to understand its true nature. We can change our view of it once we understand how this works. Now we are already looking at things from a different perspective we can, once we understand how things is we can change our view of it.

And with a new perception, we can change our creation of it.

The secret and the magic of quantum.

Quantum tells us it is the act of observing something that causes us to be where we are and how we observe it. So energy is really the subatomic particles that make up the atom and finally matter. This energy consists has waves spread out over space and time. And only when we take a look at energy through observation these waves congrauate becomes particles localized in this space, time continuing event which is like back to the future stuff with Michael J Fox and the professor.

So a particle at a particular time and place. So when we withdraw our observation the particle goes back to becoming a wave again. So take a look at this, in concept alone, our observation, our attention to something, and our intention literally creates that things in this space-time event in front of us. That’s very scientific.

When we come to that understanding, we now understand the foundation of what we have to know to create any reality we want and it becomes very easy and once you start working with these concepts.

Having and Being is the same thing. Our state of Being Right Now. Energy.

Everything is really made up of large groups of subatomic particles.

Our belief and thinking create matter. A huge understanding of How we reap what we sow. How we get what we want.

Everything is possible because what we want, our beliefs shifts the universe.

The Power Of Now Life Coaching Program covers all areas of your life. Many call it awakening or being conscious or being awake and present or being spiritual. Recognize those are just words and words were created from someone’s imagination along with the definitions, energy associated with it, and then a belief from everyone that the word itself is real.

No matter what you call YOU will be present in your body, living from your heart, have clarity, a sense of knowing, consciously awake, present and creating and living in the present moment.

This is HOW you can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want with this awareness once you become this Conscious state of Being. You recognize that the tiniest thought creates and you learn to stay out of the past and creating it again in the present. This knowledge of Being IS SO Powerful.
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Vivian is a rare find, my sessions with her created instant shifts clearly the cloudy confused thoughts to clarity and intention.  There’s no airy-fairy stuff here just a deep understanding of how energy gets stuck and how to get it flowing again energetically and I continue to see distressing patterns dissolve.

Her high vibratory state and authentic presence along with humor and lightness create a safe space to let my barriers down and receive.

I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has facilitated in bringing back to my life.


With Gratitude,




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