Power of Now – Hexes, Black Magic, Curses, and Spells

In this infinite space where nothing is real until created everyone has the ability to create anything they want.

More so than not, people create hexes, black magic, curses, and spells unaware of what they are creating. Very few people are awake and in the present moment and even more so, people are not aware that their thoughts, words, and actions create instantly.

Another example, perhaps someone is experiencing pain, lack of funds, bad relationships, unhappiness, stress, unloved (and a multitude of infinite realities) could very well be an predetermined illusion for them created by someone else.

The worst part about all of this is people do not know their words have power for and on everyone else too.

Take a look at how this works.

An apartment building of 8 tenants. The Landlord unaware of what he was creating consistently talked about no one pays on time, no one pays in full. He was always coming up short for the mortgage.
Those 8 people struggled for years trying to pay the rent in full and on time. They always thought it was them and had no clue someone was sending them the energy of  “can’t pay the rent”.

Interesting concept isn’t it? The Landlord created an experience for himself and 8 other people.

That is easy to see.

Check this out. A lady at the salon sitting in the chair getting her hair fixed.

The beautician while doing her hair continued talking about the previous client having thick hair. Remarks to the woman present in the chair were phrases like “she has all of that hair and here people like us are always fluffing, teasing, spraying, and moving our hair around trying to make it look thick.

What actually happened to the woman in the chair, she started experiencing hair loss and then “she was fluffing, teasing, spraying, and moving her hair around so it would look better and thicker.

This is what I call a hex! A bad prayer! Unknowingly she created an experience for her client in the chair. A bad use of words portraying the energy on her client in the chair.

1st among all things eliminate people who talk about you in a negative way and add into your life who speak for your highest good!

Prayer is the sending of energy to someone or something. People can associate prayer most of the time as doing something good.

What people don’t realize that every single moment of the day they are in a prayer like state.

Most of us were born into unconsciousness. Sitting around talking about people and gossiping was the normal thing to do.

Then a few of us started taking different paths to explore what was unknown to us. Mainly because it was hidden from us in the perception of religion, government, society, schools, movies and an infinite number of ways we were controlled and taught to live in that little box.

A man once kept contemplating, “I’d give my right arm if my daughter could hear”. And so it was.
He lost his right arm in a boating accident and his daughter could hear.
Doctors could not figure it out. Grace of Source Energy was their conclusion.

Black Magic – Good and Bad.

Even the tiniest thought creates.

Labels create in the wellness world.

Addiction is the sum total of

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