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“Choose Your Own Adventure Book ”

Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure book? 

If you have, then you will remember that at various points in the story, you are presented with two or three options. “To follow the man into the cave, turn to page 43. To return to the village, turn to page 57.” 

It’s a really cool concept that turns a story into a game. You passively enjoy the plot for a while, then you get to dive in and make your move. 

These books are like training wheels for your life. The only difference is, in your Choose Your Own Adventure story, you are the audience and the author. 

Every day in your real life you are presented with choices. If you don’t like them, you can create a new one. Sure, it may seem that your options are limited by finances, family, employment or education, but remember this…

YOU are a powerful, intelligent, creative infinite being!

And the really fun part is this…you aren’t doing it alone. You are writing your story with the help of everyone around you. Your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers give you fresh choices and story prompts every day.  

When you activate your inner author, other people’s choices become inspirations for your own. Obstacles become hurdles to leap over and bounce points to send your adventure in exciting new directions. Opportunities create new paths to explore. Every moment is a chance to make your next move and design your story and craft the adventures you want to live.

Ask yourself, who are the characters in your story, and what role or influence do they play in your life? Who do you spend your time with? How do you spend your time? Where do live? What is your lifestyle? What do you do that brings you ultimate fulfillment in your life?  

It’s your story, you get to design it. And the sky is the limit!

Many times people are not aware that they can write themselves into their life’s story. But you can. Everything you think, say, do and feel creates instantly in our present reality, our lives and our world. Law of Attraction in Action. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!

Just Imagine…Living your life exactly the way you want too! Pretty cool right?

When you create your life like this it is so much more Powerful than vision boards and feng shui because energetically as you write your story you are talking about it, feeling its presence and being it in the moment. This energy creates and it creates really fast.

This is the Oneness and Clarity sequence that creates instantly! And it is FUN!

If this article jump starts your curiosity in any way, shape, or form, and opens you up to new possibilities and opportunities for you to design your life…

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