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“How To Move Someone Out of Your Home Energetically, Easily, Safely and Really Fast!”

DESCRIPTION – The House Guest That Never Leaves

This is for You if you have someone living with you that you desire to move out of your house.
I mean YOU Really Just Want Them to Leave!
(This happened several times in my life and I am extremely powerful on moving people out of my home and moving them into their own home) and I am passing this powerful technique on to you. You will be able to use this for the rest of your eternal life Guaranteed!

  • You have tried everything to get your home back to yourself
  • No matter what you say or do nothing has changed
  • He/She/They are still living there under your roof
  • Possibly you are paying all of the bills like gas, electric, water, internet
  • You are or could be supplying them with the food they are eating
  • You could be or are supplying them with all of their needs
  • You wish no harm however you want them to just leave
  • You want your home back!

What You Get for Only $197

  • 1 – 2 Hours on the phone with me where I lay out and tell you exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Your document of our call on the “How to” steps to complete
  • My Guarantee it Works and It Works Every Single Time
  • You Understand this is Energetic Work and Movement on the Physical Plane
  • You Understand this is not your typical Life Coaching drama
  • You Understand You Are Using Your Amazing Power Within. If You Agree to these terms and
    You Absolutely Want Your Home Back to Yourself then this session is for you.

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