Law Of Attraction Series Instant Manifestations

Many times in the Law Of Attraction area people teach this but they don’t apply it. They do research from other websites, audios, books, and courses but they don’t have any real proof. No real experiences or they have one or two manifestations and they continue talking about those. I know I bought all of those audios and courses and as far as I am concerned no one teaches the stuff that works and you need to know to catapult you forward. Something that you can use for the rest of your life. This program is about Instant Manifestations!

My courses, classes and mentoring have been proven by me and hundreds and thousands of others. So I teach what I have already experienced and proven to myself. My children and even my grandchildren get it and use it. Simplicity is the key. Instead of unlimited techniques and mind-blowing things for you to do I break it down into a few proven steps and techniques that work and give you the time to apply them in your life.

What I know about everyone who reads this page is that they are positive happy people who watch the YouTube videos of Abraham, The Secret, How To Attract Money, meditate, hypnosis, NLP and are trying to make all of this work for them. Here’s the problem with that. Anytime you “try to figure something out” that energy creates the opposite of what you want to experience. And as you have already probably “figured out” just being happy and positive does not create the life you really want and deserve.

Click Here To Read my story “Moms and Dads Try This When Your Restless Baby Can’t Sleep” and then watch my video on my Home Page Dissolving The Cloud then come back to this page Law Of Attraction – Power Of Intent and continue reading below.

All of my courses, programs, sessions, mentoring and coaching programs I give you exactly what you need.

So with all of that being said, I want to make it very clear who I am and what I do. I am an Energy Strategist. I understand the world of energy which is the universe and all that there is. You are energy and so is everything else in your reality. So I teach you how to communicate with the universe and your own power within.

And I know everyone teaches you have to be happy and positive but I am here to tell you that is not the only way.

When you are deep down desperate that energy creates for you too. You should hear my stories and one is of my brother 5 years ago in the middle of a liver transplant surgery. His heart quit beating and his blood pressure shot up. They took him off of the table and was ready to bring the backup patient in. That energy I was that entire week in the hospital sleeping on the floor of the lobby and in chairs, eating hospital food is NOT a high vibration energy but the POWER and INTENT behind it all worked! So that was over 5 years ago. He now created a business for himself and living with the woman of his dreams.

This deep down desperate type of energy that I am talking about relates to “if there is a will there is a way”. The Power Of Your Intent and The Power Of Your Word creates in that exact moment.

Sometimes in order to change the story of your life, you may have to remove some of the falseness within our bodies, mind, subconsciousness and energy fields that we pick up on a daily basis and have since birth.

Since Feelings work really fast in manifestation and is the glue to the universe unblocking these falsehoods allow the natural flow of the universe which is harmony and your good feelings return.

The problem most people have and they are not aware of is that those feelings that they need to create their wants and needs – happiness, success, confidence, joy etc are blocked by other energy labels – the false beliefs. There is an opposite to everything. The hopeless energy when released and let go leaves the energy of hope. The can’t energy (which is only a label attached to that energy by the way and not real) opens up and allows the “I can” energy to flow and another benefit of having the “I can” energy is the energy of “confidence” which is now opened and flowing.

I have a long list of this stuff the can’t’s, won’ts, could have’s, should have’s, doesn’t work, can’t happen…etc…and I have tools to break up. clear out, release and let go of these energy labels that do not serve us.

This is how I cleared out my own energy field and my own personal secret to being present, awake and conscious. Letting go of beliefs of any kind allows the natural energy flow and is a wonderful, happy good feeling that we all love.

These false beliefs and untruths block the powerful, loving, confident, happy, abundant, prosperous and joyous energy within you.

So what I have created within this course and class is 5 Powerful Statements That Unblock And Release Heavy And Dense Energy. I show you how to recognize within yourself the silent stuff running in the background that you are not aware up and how to apply and use these techniques to clear up your energy field in your daily life forever!

How Changing Just One Component changes the entire picture and allows the energy to flow and your life to manifest the way that you want. Just imagine changing a “can’t” to a “can” and then changing “unhappy” to “happy” and sprinkle some “confidence” into your picture. How powerful is that? Can, happy and confident!

I will give you One Powerful Statement that works every time and for anything. I will give you many different scenarios in which you can use it. My 7-year-old granddaughter uses this and has learned the power within it. Asking and Commanding the universe to do something for you IMMEDIATELY!

Unblocking the falsehoods allow for a Continuous Flow Of Creativity. Bring your pencil and paper to our call and I will show you how to set any vision in motion with precision.
Power of Intent. (What this is Not is how to create a vision board and stare at it the rest of the year. Chances are you have probably already done that one.)

I am talking about real live manifestation, bringing into your Physical World Exactly What You Want To Experience Easily, Quickly, Fun and Greater Than You Could Ever Imagine.

What This Is Not.
This is not a Law of Attraction course of any kind. I am not teaching people’s concepts of what the Laws of the Universe are.

What I Am Teaching And You Will Learn is:
What YOU Will Receive

    • 3 One-One-One Sessions with me on the phone or Skype
    • How to speak your word and/or use your Power Of Intent to have Instant Manifestations.    I mean “REALLY Have Instant Manifestations!” Not some expensive course with lots of fluff. Come back to this page after you Read my stories “Moms And Dads Try This When You Restless Baby Can’t Sleep” and “Watch My Video on the Home Page Dissolving The Clouds”.
    • You will experience the power of your word by speaking, commanding and intending the energy to move very quickly in the direction, you want to go so you can have instant manifestations.
    • This is a foundation and a building block. Once you apply and have these working in your life then we will discuss what else you want to learn and what your next steps are.
    • This is Real Live Creation and Manifestation and it is Easy so you can create and experience the things you
      really want and desire.
    • Things will show up for you in your life to put together your desire.
      • You will have the knowledge and the confidence to watch the pieces come together for you, recognize them as a next step, take action and then enjoy watching your desires all come together.

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What Other’s Have to Say:

Vivian is a rare find, my sessions with her created instant shifts clearly the cloudy confused thoughts to clarity and intention.

There’s no airy-fairy stuff here just a deep understanding of how energy gets stuck and how to get it flowing again energetically and I continue to see distressing patterns dissolve.

Her high vibratory state and authentic presence along with humor and lightness create a safe space to let my barriers down and receive.

I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has facilitated in bringing back to my life.

With Gratitude,


It was great to work with Vivian! From day one I started to experience growth in my online business and saw my orders increase.

I’ve had success in pretty much all areas of my life: From finding the job I love, 
to selling great amounts of my vegan soaps in markets, but above all the greatest part for me is the change of thoughts that naturally started to happen.

Vivian re-shaped my perception of success, of money, of wealth, and my own worth.

She provided me with excellent tools to create a mind shift and had so many suggestions and ideas on how to grow and expand my business.

Vivian for sure is a life changer!

All the best and have a wonderful week, full of success,



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