Life Coaching: 5 Keys To Your Success

Life Coaching: 5 Keys To Your Success
Something Amazing Is Sure To Happen!
Focused Action Achieves Results
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Life Coaching 5 Keys To Your Success

    • Absolute Clarity
    • Design your Life
    • Change Your Focus
    • Strategy Session
    • Invest in Yourself

Absolute Clarity
When you have absolute clarity on your purpose, clarity on WHO
you are and clarity on 
HOW you add value to yourself
and to others in the world …

your world changes.

Design Your Life

Design your lifestyle first, then your business, career, job …What
kind of life do I want? …How much vacation time do I want?
What will my income level be?

Change your Focus

Most people focus normally on the present.
Your focus needs will be in the present and directed to your future goals.
Your 6, 9, 12 months and longer –

Strategy Session

If you don’t have Strategy Sessions you don’t have clarity and
predictability. Your Strategy Sessions help you know that whatever
you do there will be a
predictable outcome in your life.

Every aspect of your life can be described in great detail, including the attraction
 of good business opportunities, clients, jobs and ideas…
to the point where you, the creator of your life manages the circumstances
and outcomes in every area of your life with great detail.

Invest in Mentoring

If you don’t know what you don’t know!

The Difference is… The 10X Effect

  1. What you learn for free (nada)
  2. What you learn from investing in a course (hard work but do-able)
  3. What you learn by investing in mentoring by someone who has already experienced the success you are seeking and has the tools and resources you need.” (Easy, Fast, Fun, and Fulfilling!)

Why a Mentor?

1) Brainstorm Brilliance

2) To Be Held Accountable

3) Guidance / Challenging

4) Exceed Your Comfort Zone

5) Make Ideas Reality

6) Unbiased Opinions

7) Tools and Knowledge

8) Motivation
9) Get ‘there’ faster


Focused Action Achieves Results
Power Of Now
Unlimited Life Coaching

Unlimited 15 Minute Focus Sessions.
You complete your task then book your next session.

Rinse and Repeat. Complete your task and book your next session… unlimited 15 minutes sessions all month long.

Time slots available to schedule your 15 minutes sessions:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM EDT

1) Complete Your Fieldwork
2) Book Your Next Session
3) Take Action
4) Receive Results

We start with…

30 – 60 Minute Set the Stage Session

1) What do you want to achieve?
2) Biggest Challenge?
3) What keeps you up at night?
4) The results you want, that you don’t have.
5) The results you have that you don’t want.
6) Your line in the sand.
7) Next Actions.

Focused Action Achieves Results
Power Of Now
Unlimited Life Coaching

Every 30 days

1) Review Progress
2) Set a new Plan
3) Journal Success Progress
4) Next Actions

Who This Is Not for

  1. People who are not Committed, who like to complain and make excuses
  2. Who are afraid to make a decision, to take action and who are just information collectors
  3. Anyone not serious about growing their business to another $100K plus
  4. People who like bouncing around to the next shiny objects

Who is this for?

1) You want to fix the problem NOW and are willing to make that investment in yourself.

2) You are committed to taking action.

3) You are Serious about Getting Results.

4) You Want to Get Results NOW!.

Focused Action Achieves Results
Power Of Now
Unlimited Life Coaching

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