Oneness And Clarity Create Instantly

Oneness and Clarity Create Instantly

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– Everything is energy.

– We create our own illusion, our personal reality with our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

– We are the actors in our own stories.

Oneness is a cool topic to write about and each person has their own perception of this.


I am going to break this down in its simplicity as I do with my grandchildren. I taught this to my four-year-old granddaughter.

Everything is energy and we are energy beings in physical bodies.

Source energy is intelligent energy. 

We are energy beings in physical bodies and this energy is connected to everything.

The lower chakras are masculine and the upper chakras are feminine however the heart chakra is both feminine and masculine. This is where your creative power lives within your heart.

The art of creation comes from your heart, your feeling nature and is the connection to ALL.

I know a lot of people teach creating from the mind however your heart is where your power is and creates abundantly.

We are connected to ALL. And ALL is ONE.

You can be at ONE with anything. I personally can find things that are lost like car keys. And oh my God, having 3 daughters I think I have found a billion binky’s in my lifetime.

You are energetically connected to everything and you can See the Power within this now.

So when I need to find something it is a very simple process. I focus and connect within my heart and say:

I am ONE with my car keys. (You can say Right Now if you wish to move out of your thinking mind and focus within to your heart.)

This statement automatically draws my attention, my awareness to the location of the keys.

Many years ago when I was first taught this I tried it on a wireless card I had lost. I had removed it from my old laptop because the new laptop had a built-in card.

Many months later I had a need for the wireless card.

I went around for two hours looking in every logical place saying “I am ONE with my wireless card” and not finding it.

So I gave up. OK, that command doesn’t work for me.

A couple of days later I was thinking about this ONENESS stuff and understood the concept of how everything was connected so I tried it again.

I am ONE with my wireless card.

I was irresistibly drawn to it being in the top drawer in my home office.

That really was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced.

Looking deeper into the experience I could SEE the first time I tried being at one with my wireless card and I spent 2 hours looking for it all over the house, it was my “mind” guiding me not my heart.

When it actually worked the answer came from my heart.

The awareness and the exact direction I needed to go became available to me IMMEDIATELY!

Anyone can do this. I taught this to my granddaughter at the age of 4. The only difference was instead of telling her to be at ONE with it I told her to ask her heart.

I was babysitting this particular day while her mother was at work. It was nap time and she had to have her stuffed animal to go to sleep and it was nowhere to be found.

She had played with it that morning so I went through the entire apartment quickly and looked in logical places.

She was sitting on the bed waiting for me and her stuffed animal.

After about 5 minutes I gave up on the normal looking around stuff. I knew subconsciously she knew where this stuffed animal was.

So I told her a story that her heart knows everything to ask her heart where her stuffed animal was.

She said, “Heart, where is my stuffed animal?”

Then she told me in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom.

From my own previous experience with the wireless card, I could tell it was her mind trying to find it for her and not her heart.

So I told her exactly that. I said, “that is your mind saying kitchen, living room and bathroom. Ask your heart where your stuffed animal is.”

She said, “Heart, where is my stuffed animal?”

This time she said, “On the bed!”

We both just stared for a few seconds at the bed. The bed was made and she was sitting on it.

And then my awareness, my attention was directed to under the pillow of the made bed.

And there it was. Under the pillow!

As I said anyone can do this and there is tremendous Power using this statement. It irresistibly draws to you the object of your desire.

This is a powerful skill you can use and actually profit from it including being at ONE with MONEY, Clients, Customers, Opportunities and everything in the world!

I once participated with a group of people hiking to find a lost treasure.

Have fun and enjoy!

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