Pay Close Attention To Whom You Follow

Watch Closely Whom You Follow
Watch Closely Whom You Follow   

You become whom you follow. Abraham-Hicks fans will love this new way of thinking.

Whatever you are reading, whatever Youtube video you are watching, whatever book you choose to read, whatever TV show you watch…

You become! Because as you are interacting with the words your mind, body, soul and spirit pick up on the vibration and then that becomes your truth unless you are aware of how all of this works.

Marketers do it. They list all of the limitations they can possibly find (the need) to get you to understand, see how and what their product or service can do for you.

Once you read those bullet points, (the negative limitations) and you identify one or more as being you, you have judge yourself into that viewpoint, judgment, and conclusion and that becomes your new reality unknowingly.

NOW a new belief is born whether you buy the product or not. You picked one or more of their bullet points with the negative experience and claimed it as being yours. An interesting concept isn’t it?

I see Abraham Hicks fans doing this a lot. They keep reading the content, watching the videos, attending the conferences trying to get their stuff to work. Get into the vortex as Abraham Hick says.

The truth is every time they take those actions whether it be reading a book or watching a Youtube video the energy most are creating is “I am not in the vortex” and “I don’t have what I want!”.

So they believe they are not in the vortex because they are not getting what they want in their life and that energy creates over and over again no matter what they do.

This is the “Watch Closely Whom You Follow” and your beliefs of why you are following.

A better way and an extremely more Powerful way is to “let go” of the belief that you are not in the vortex and things are not working for you. YOU do not want that in your life anyway so let that belief and everything that brings up GO. It is not serving you at all and it is even limiting your own true potential.

NOW (Power Of Now) you recognize that the belief you were not in the vortex was the only thing holding you back from what you want to be and do you FIRMLY AND PROUDLY state: “I AM IN THE VORTEX!”. I GET IT!

NOW (Power Of Now) you use that energy to keep moving your forward.

I Am Flying Now! I Am In The Vortex! I Am Expressing Myself At My Highest Potential are all statements you want to use and be.

And here is a powerful confirmation you can use all day long and the rest of your life.

Present Moment! Power Of Now!

“I AM experiencing people, money, and opportunities in my life and this energy catapulted me forward into joy and freedom.”

Pay close attention to whom you are following and the reason behind why you are following.

The “reason” itself, the why you are following, could be the one simple belief that is stopping you from the amazing life you want to live.

NOW, do you get it?

The belief itself is the stuck energy and the reason you are not getting what you want. You can never be in the vortex with a belief that you are not in the vortex.

Cross purposes, polarity, negative and positive charge, Actually thinking you are not in the vortex is a negative thought which limits you. Think about that for a moment…


Choose BEING in the vortex and be in that energy. Everything is energy anyway so choose something you want to experience. Just choose it.

You do not have to wait to be in the vortex sometime or someday in the future. You are in charge and in control of your own energy.

Another way to put this is, instead of trying to stay happy and joyful to get into the vortex just BE in the vortex energy. Activate the energy of success, successful, confident and anything else you can think of. They are your energies. Activate the energy of miracles and watch a lot of good things show up for you.

When you look at it this way, a different point of view, this shifts your entire reality and life and the limitations, judgments, conclusions and viewpoints of the beliefs simply leave your reality.

Polarity. You are or are not. You can or cannot. You will or won’t.


You are in the vortex!

Simple concept, idea, and a great viewpoint, judgment, and conclusion for yourself.

Power Of Now Life Coaching. Life Coaching That Will Rock Your World!

Remember: Thoughts create things! So you might as well create abundantly and create Success for Everyone Else while you are thinking about it.

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