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Pay Close Attention Series – Manifesting What You Want Really Fast!

The beautiful rock that I so loved and desired was made available to me in the most unusual way.

What is real and what is false? It is hard to tell sometimes from what actually looks like it is real and what actually is or what actually isn’t real and what looks like it isn’t real.

Sometimes I do not know the real answer. Or is there a real answer to that statement. Is what I experience to be Not real Real? Or is what I experience to be real Real? Both are correct depending I guess on the perception of things and the Real Truth is

Neither Are Real or Real. Nothing Exists at All. I cannot tell the difference from my imagination and my physical experience. They both co-exist and they both don’t. I experience, love and enjoy all areas of space and time and yet there is nothing. Time to me means this moment and this moment only. Where do I exist? What space is this that I AM?

Meaningless dimensions. Just Being. Just Being where is the question? Or do questions really exist?

Magical and mystical ways…everything co-exists. Co-exists meaning it does or does not.
It is or it isn’t! What is real and what is not!

Illusion or a dream. Perhaps neither. Just a space in a moment is really existance. As I moved forward into this space of non-existence my energetic being sees all and sees nothing.

I can See the magnetic part of my being here. This magnetism is real. This energy is real. This vibration is real. The clarity is phenomenal.

This space has phenomenal clarity as I write.

Chapter 1

I parked the car in the garage and hurried into the house. I knew Adam was home. I had to find him quickly to tell him what happened. I had to find him now.

I can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t real anymore. Or better said, “nothing is real at all until I create it.” I had to find him! I had to find him NOW! He is the only person in the entire world who understands me.

As I was walking through the foyer I saw him in the great room. Practically running towards him I said “I have to talk to you! I have to talk to you now!” His eyes lit up and a smile on his face enjoying the part that I needed him.

“Remember when we were at the park the other day and I found that beautiful rock by the water fountain?”

“It had all of those beautiful light pinks, blues, and pearl white colors Radiantly giving all that powerful energy?”

“Remember how I picked it up and held it close to me to feel it beauty and energy?”

I was talking so fast I wasn’t even giving him time to answer.

“Did I put that Beautiful Radiant Rock back in the landscape? “

“…or was it just my imagination that I put the rock back in the beautiful landscape and I kept it for myself? “

By now the look on his face had changed to curiosity.

He sat down in the lounge chair and patted his lap for me to sit with him.

I sat down enjoying the closeness and the intimate connection we had.

He smiled and said, “Yes Angel, you definitely put the rock back!” as he held my hands tightly.

I looked at him and back down at our hands. Once again I said, “You saw my hand put the rock back on the ground in the landscape?”

He said “Yes!” with a light squeeze” and still waiting for the rest of the story.

I pulled my hands out of his and opened them to show him what I was holding.

There were many Moments of silence as he too stared at the Radiant Rock I was holding before he finally spoke.

“Where did you get this?”, Adam asked.

I looked into his eyes and back at my hands.

Here I am sitting in our home, in his lap holding this beautiful rock I so desired that day in the park.

I am now speechless as I look back and re-experience the entire day.

Chapter 2

The meeting went a little weird or yet a better explanation strange. Things always flow in harmony, however, there was something peculiar about the meeting this morning and I hadn’t quite put my finger on it yet.

I unlocked the doors to my new pearl white Lamborghini and enjoyed the sensation of sliding in. This car loved me as much as I loved it.

It didn’t take very long to get out of the city and on the highway. I so enjoyed my vibration of all things working for me in the highest order possible. That makes going anywhere easy breezy.

Which brought me back to that meeting. What was it in that room that was out of harmony. I looked at each individual at the table. I remembered the conversations, most of them extremely empowering…and then it hit me!

As I was presenting our new project to everyone there was a nice flow of conversation back and forth…Now I remember another voice that I had ignored quieter in the background. Consciously or unconsciously I wasn’t paying attention to his remarks at that time. So there was someone there who was not playing the same game as the rest of us.

Well, I will just make sure that he is never present at one of my meetings again. I just won’t invite him!

Chapter 3

At that moment a message flashed on the screen. “Pull Over To The Side Angel, Your Car Engine Is Hot!”

I could not believe it! My new car has problems? As I was pulling over to the side of the road a thought ran through my mind for a brief second that I created it with my intensity of that man being in my meeting. Like energy attracting like energy stuff.

I pushed the button to call the service and tell them I was broke down on the side of the road but the light did not come on.  I am thinking to myself calling for roadside help with that gadget was out of the question for sure.

I reached in my purse to call Adam and my phone wasn’t in there. I remembered I laid it down in the office by the coffee pots and forgot to pick it back up. Damn!

Just as I was getting ready to get out of the car and raise the hood to attract someone’s attention I found the yellow sticky note Adam had written previously to me with the words “I love you” on the floor.

It must have fallen out of my purse when I was looking for my phone. I picked it up to put it back in my purse and I noticed on the other side there were words written “Pay Close Attention”. I just stared at it for about a minute. It was not Adam’s handwriting nor was it mine.

Then I remembered the message the car screen flashed…Pull Over To The Side Angel, Your Car Engine Is Hot!” …that was weird too so I opened the dash and got out the book on the Lambo.

I went straight to the section on error messages. Just as I thought. That message Pull Over To The Side Angel, Your Car Engine Is Hot!” does not exist in the book.

I sit there in the quietness of my mind thinking about what occurred in the previous moments…

Back to reality again! I will raise the front hood of the car and flag someone down to use their phone.

I waited until there were no cars driving by to get out. With the front hood raised, I walked to the back of the car. I was thinking if I stand in the back of the car it would be easier to wave someone down to use their phone before they passed me up.

As I was turning left to stand by the trunk “THERE IT WAS!” The beautiful rock I had seen in the park a few days ago.

The exact one that I had picked up, touched and fell in love with because of its beauty and radiant essence that day…

AND HERE IT IS!…just laying on the side of the road.

I bent over and picked it up and held it in my hands…I was mesmerized by the entire experience.

How could this possibly be?

I let go of the idea of waving someone down to use their phone and got back in the car with the beautiful rock I had found.

I went back in time to the day Adam and I was at the park. I played the scene over and over again in my mind. I remembered putting that rock back into the landscape.

I asked myself did I really put that rock back or did I bring it with me and it fell out of the trunk or something…No, it could not have fallen out of the trunk or even the car…neither were here at the point of time.

A point in time…that made me start thinking again as I sit in the car staring at what I was holding in my hands.

My Lambo’s wild message calling me Angel,  the car was hot and to pull over to the side?. Of course, the Lambo book has no such error message. Adam’s yellow “I love you” sticky with the message “Pay Close Attention” on the back. The unlikely idea of a new car having an engine problem. And now the rock that I left in the park is now in my procession.

What just happened here?

My desire manifested in the most unusual way?

All of a sudden there was a white flash of light and the screen came on again and in the same voice said, “Your car is fine Angel. You may proceed.”

I just sit there and stared at the screen. The car wasn’t turned on however everything seemed to be working.

Once again, a technical device calling me Angel. Quite personal I thought as I allowed my mind to wonder…I knew it wasn’t programmed to speak that way, therefore, it doesn’t really exist in the physical realm.

Pay Close Attention

Any Desire Can Manifest In The World As Physical Form. Everything is a possibility!

Magical and mystical Ways They Are Magnetically Drawn To You From Inner World Of Form To The Physical Reality Of Your Existence!

My Immersed Passion Of The Beauty Of The Rock, It’s Brilliance Was Felt By The Rock. The Radiant Rock Responded Back To Me With The Same Expression Of Beauty, Passion And Radiance.

This Created The Magnetic Attraction Between The Beauty Of This Physical Form, The Radiant Rock And I.

All Of The Pieces Came Together For the Radiant Rock And Me To Be Together.

The Pieces Being All Of The Magnetic Particles Irresistibly Drawn Together Because They Are
Now Magnets Attracting Each Other To Each Other.

Creating A Passionate Loving Experience, A Love Affair With The Radiant Rock And I.

The Love and Passion I Had For The Beauty And The Brilliance Of The Rock, The Rock Felt And Responded Back To Me Which Created The Magnetism.

Two Magnetic Pieces Were Instantly Drawn Together Because They Were Magnets To Each Other.

What seems real can be false and what looks false can be real. Everything exists and in all ways or it doesn’t. It is or it isn’t. Co-exist or it doesn’t. They are or they are not!


Pay Close Attention

Pay Close Attention Is A Powerful Message!

The Profound Love and Beauty I Experienced Within Holding And Touching This Radiant Rock.



…and so it is! It was done!

Instant Manifestations!

This series is about learning “how to” bring your desires into your physical reality easily and quickly.

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