Power Of Now Life Coaching 2021

Power Coaching That Will Rock Your World

This is not an ordinary Life Coaching Series where you have steps 1 – 10 to do.
This Life Series is all about YOU and your POWER!

This Life Series Is All About YOU And Your POWER!


I am Realistic I Expect Miracles

Join Me And Let’s Rock This World
Together With Consciousness!

The Truth Is There Is Nothing Real At All. It only looks to be.

Everything you are living, being, and doing Right Now was created in your past moments, the past. 

The truth is there is nothing Real at all. It only looks to be Real.
Everything you are living, being, and doing Right Now was created in your past moments, a past illusion.
An interesting concept isn’t it?

And seriously, what I wrote previously would have been called my so-called past and what I will write, this word is my so-called future so the past nor the future really exist. Everything is running SIMULTANEOUSLY in this NOW MOMENT. Interesting concept isn’t it???

With that being said…Lights Cameras Action. The film is rolling!

What that means to us is everything we have ever heard, been taught and/or believed to be true is not really real or true.
That’s another interesting concept, isn’t it?

So if you are working hard to get what you want or you are not getting what you want there are reasons for that.
You were never taught this truth!
Simple Concept!
The universe, this source energy, this infinite intelligence serves us.
Another interesting concept, isn’t it?

Energy! The Truth is the only thing going on in this entire world is ENERGY. This infinite intelligent energy serving people and giving them everything they ask for.

What? You say you are not getting everything you ask for? You are not getting everything you want? 

I say it is impossible! You are getting exactly what you are asking for every single moment of your life. 

Read The Trump And Hillary Drama to see how you are getting what you don’t want and then come back to this page: The Trump And Hillary Drama 

An interesting concept isn’t it. We are getting what we focus on whether we want it or not. New idea and thought process has been formed.

Now to understand and see how easy it is to perceive something into existence as real in this space see how in my imagination I gave my granddaughter her binky several times without ever getting out of the bed. Read this NOW then come back to this page: Moms and Dads: Use The Power Of Your Mind To Help Your Restless Baby That Can’t Sleep – Power Of Intent

So now you can see the invisible world is just as real as the physical world.

Another interesting concept.
And there is nothing Really Real in the world because everything has been, is and always will be created by someone else’s thoughts, imagination, words, feelings, and actions. The physical world is all concepts too.

With that being said as the truth – right, wrong, good and bad are not real either. They are words created by someone’s imagination and ideas written with a description and energy connected.

The world bought into this story as the truth that you can be right or wrong and you can be good or bad.

That’s not TRUE!

Back to the Basics. ENERGY

ENERGY has no judgments, conclusions, viewpoints on anything. Pure consciousness. Purity!

What that leaves is,  everything I spoke about above is false beliefs, big fat lies, unreal and not true. Those are huge limitations in being whom you want to be if you believe you can be wrong or bad.

Those are judgments made by society telling you you are good enough or not good enough by their own judgment, conclusion, and viewpoints.


ISNESS I call it.

Nothing really as a label or identity. People gave everything a label and an identity. So NOW we leave everything alone and leave it as IS,

So NOW, everything just IS.
Next is, we are not human beings. We are far more than the label and description of a human being.

We are energetic beings. We are infinite beings. We are energy beings expressing ourselves in physical bodies.

An interesting concept isn’t it.

Now we know everything just IS and we are energy beings expressing ourselves in a physical body then where does this energy come from? What is this energy?

This energy, consciousness we are made of in our physical bodies is pure source energy. The universal source of all that there is and it is pure, clean and clear. It is the infinite intelligence of all that there is. The One Source.

This is one of the areas we clean up at the very beginning of my client coaching.

So now we know right, wrong, good, bad, problems, obstacles, hard work, limitations, can, can’t, will, will not, have, have not, ← None of that is Real. They are big fat lies. We understand that all words were created by someone and people bought into the story that they are real and now you can see how those lies clutter up the vibration of Your True One Source. Infinite Intelligence.

Removing these few barriers within your entire being and awareness where you have your own knowing of the truth leaves a tremendous amount of space where you can see and be what you want to do with your life.

These few judgments alone, once removed from your personal being and reality opens doors for infinite possibilities and infinite opportunities. Your channel for receiving is much clearer.

You have increase in every area of your life because now you are not playing the “can’t” game, the “not good enough” game, the “can’t have” game, the “life is hard” game.

None of that is Real anyway so let it go. It’s all false. They are just words, judgments, conclusions and viewpoints made up by others. In this scenario, I recognize religion, spirituality and even Law Of Attraction beliefs are not Real. People made all of that up and keep passing it on from generation to generation.

We could not have been born as sinner nor is this energy judging us or condemning us.  haha! Got It!

Back to the basics. ENERGY

Everything is imagination and energy or energy and imagination which changes the wave into a particle.

The observer observing. So the observer focuses on the outcome and it becomes a particle. The more attention and intention to that idea/outcome that bring it forth in our reality like the Restless Baby Story and my dissolving the clouds video on my home page. Simplicity as it’s finest.

So it seems this energy is matching our thoughts, intents, words, feelings, actions, vibrations and serving us with what we are asking for. Interesting concept?

Seems to be true but…but what about when I was in the hospital waiting room sleeping on the floor for over a week or more with no shower, tired and having to eat heavy hospital food?

That was not a high vibration at all but every time the Code Blue went off for my brother that his blood pressure had gone down, his heart was starting to fail and all of the others Blue codes I changed his life, his personal reality IMMEDIATELY with my Power Of Intent.

And one more thing I did which was brilliant of me considering how tired and dirty I felt without a shower for days, is set his vibration and his body to be the perfect blood pressure and a healthy heart for the rest of his life and many many more concepts that came up though this time period. He celebrated his 6 years of a healthy body and life after his transplant last year in 2016 and of course, many many more years of a healthy and happy life to come.

The only thing I thought about, my vision and the intent I held was: “I always seen him on his boat going down the river. That is where he is happiest. I could see his hair blowing in the wind and the smile on his face. Power Of Intent. Nothing could break that level of consciousness I had. My Brother Was Living!

ENERGY! Back To The Basics.
Infinite possibilities and infinite opportunities even after being in a semi-coma for 3 days.

Now Read Here how my brother changed his reality and then come back to this page: How To Choose Life – True Story


So while I now have your attention on what is real and what is the truth there are a few more concepts I want you to be and receive.

Sickness and dis-ease are not real. They are creations and stories people were sold and they bought into as real. People believe it to be true.

Another interesting concept isn’t it?

So broccoli and all of the so called health foods and the pharmaceutical medications could not make a person feel better or someone to be healed unless they have a belief that sickness and dis-ease was real in which it isn’t. It is a creation with the mind and the intent. I don’t get sick and never have.

Another interesting concept isn’t it?

And while I am on this subject notice how the marketers and big business promote the flu season to gain more customers and more money. HAHA NOW, YOU GET IT! THE FLU SEASON ISN’T REAL EITHER.

Pretty freaking awesome isn’t it? Now you can let go of all of the lies and false beliefs you were taught about your body. Your body will love you and thank you for this.

Radiant and Perfect Health is the Truth.

I have tools and techniques that you can use to clear up your vibrations from that hideous reality that you were taught is real.

What this means to you is you don’t have to go around trying to think positive every time a negative thought comes up.

That’s freaking hard work trying to think positive when all of the other old negative stuff keeps replaying itself over and over again like a stuck computer program.

At the very beginning of my client coaching, you will be given these tools so you can clear up your vibrations. No more cross purposes running within you like “can” and “can’t”. They are not Real anyway so why bother?

Interesting concept isn’t it? You will have a clear space.

This allows your body to be peaceful and an entirely new way of thinking, living, and being for you.

Our body, mind, spirit, and soul thanks us for clearing up the vibrational clutter that was running within.

What you will learn and receive in this Power Coaching program is:

How to:

– Tap into greater awareness.

  • Communication with this infinite intelligent energy within and without. You
    become the receiver of answers, solutions, ideas, and physical world things.
  • You will learn how to tap into this source of supply. 
  • Oneness
    You can be ONE with anything. This is extremely helpful with anything you cannot find like car keys, glasses, baby’s binky etc. This is easy once you understand the concept. I taught one of my grandchildren this when she was 4 years old.

Once you learn this then you can be at ONE with money, success, fun, abundance, prosperity, wealth, vacations, cars, homes, new relationships…this is endless.

Back To The Basics! Everything is ENERGY! 

Our body is made up of cells. Those cells are made up of molecules. Which are made up of atoms. Which are in turn made up of subatomic particles like electrons. Everything is made up of large groups of subatomic particles. Our body, a tree, our thoughts, cars, planet, light…

Everything is concentrations of energy. All are really large collections of pretty much of the same types of subatomic particles. And the only difference is the way these particles are grouped together into higher and larger building blocks.

That’s the world of quantum physics.

Knowing the “how” is how we create ourselves and the world around us.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. If anything at all, I want you to receive the wisdom of saying “Interesting concept.”

Say it all of the time to everyone and everything. Believe in nothing unless it is true for you and for your highest good! Might as well, everyone is making everything up anyway.

  • This Life Coaching Program is for anyone who wants to get out of the rat race walking around like programed robots doing and being what everyone else is doing an being.
  • If you can see how you have been taught,  go to school, go to college, get a job, work hard for your money, pay taxes and make everyone rich but yourself then this Life Coaching Program is for YOU!
  • If you are into Spirituality, discovering your inner being, the energetic part of you, the source of all that there is then this Life Coaching Program is for YOU!
  • If you are on your own personal path and discovering Your True Self then this Life Coaching Program is for YOU!

This is a One Year Life Coaching Program.

All Items Below Are Taught


  • Freedom

  • Financial Freedom

  • Financial Abundance

  • Personal Power

  • Power

  • Powerful

  • Perfect

  • Focus

  • Easy, Effortlessly

  • Clear Straight Path

  • Receiving

  • Oneness

    Greater Awareness

  • Success

  • Wealth

  • Prosperity

  • Command The Universe

  • Power Within

  • Make Yourself Invisible

  • Command The Weather

  • Radiant Health

  • Healing’s

  • How To Heal Others

  • Prayer Treatments

  • Flow Of Energy

  • Plenty, Always More

  • Questions And Answers

  • Vibrations

  • Awareness

  • Dissolve and Release  

  • Release  

  • Pod/Poc

  • Undo and Unravel The Past

  • Un-create, Delete and De-Story

  • Slice The Energy -> This Is A Powerful Tool To Have

  • Clarity, Consciousness

  • Receiving

  • Knowing

  • Intuition

  • Power Of Release

  • Confident, Confidence

  • Abundance

  • Positive Thinking, Positive

  • Power Of Our Words


  • Unification, No Separation

  • Power Of Intent – Fast Or Slow

  • Focused Concentrated Energy (Molecules)

  • Opened Doors

  • Metaphysical World

  • Thoughts and Words – Vibratory Energy

  • Quality Of Our Questions

  • Thoughts, Words, Feelings, Actions

  • People, Places, Things Have An Energetic Exchange

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