Power of Now – 3 Ways to Eliminate What You Do Now Want In Your Life

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Power of Now 3 Ways to Eliminate
What You Do Not Want.

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1) Un-Create, Delete, and De-Story
For instance, you see something, let’s say an existing experience, you don’t want in your life. You say “un-create, delete, and de-story all of that Right Now!” You can’t destroy energy however you can take the story off the energy.

Un-create and delete the story attached to the energy.

2) Dissolve and Release

For example, there s a lot of clutter around a situation or an experience. Focus within your heart and take your white light energy ball and clear out the unwanted stuff. If you don’t know what exactly what it is you can say “Dissolve all things not serving me, wait a few seconds as you are energetically dissolving all of that, then Release it all back to the Universe. See billions of particles moving out of your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

3) Undo – Unravel
Most importantly, use this command to totally Un-create an experience. What this command does is Un-Ravels EVERYTHING to the point of creation. When the experience started. All you say is “Undo, Unravel all of that!”

Now you have a brand new space and a new beginning either to let it go or create something different.

Here are 3 Ways to Eliminate What YOU Do Not Want In Your Life. Literally, there are millions!
Power of Now 3 Ways to Eliminate What You Do Not Want In Your Life

Imagine, what you could do if you knew all of the ways to use these universal commands.
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