Power of Now “Change Your Image & the World Responds Accordingly”

First of all, make a definite decision you are going to change your life easy and energetically.

1) Buy New Clothes
New clothes changes the energy of your body. Starting wearing nice clothes that make you feel good.

2) Clean out your car.
Take it though the car wash or do it yourself. Make it spotless.
This welcomes new people to go places with you and even greater.

3) Clean your home. Remove the clutter from everyone room.
Even cleaning out a closet works. De-clutter. The Universe is a vacuum. When you clean out a space the Universe fills it back up. It’s kinda hard to receive when there is no place to put it.

4) Clean out your refrigerator.
Clean out your refrigerator and leave and empty space for delicious food you love to arrive.

5) Clean out your closet.
Get rid of everything you do not wear. Leave a 1 or 2 foot area empty for the arrival of new clothes.

6) Be Consistently Aware of How This Open Space Feels Good

(Your life and living space is de-cluttered.)

This is as easy and simple as it gets.
When you Change Your Image of  Yourself the Whole World Responds.