Power of Now – How to Really Ask for the Sale and Have Fun Doing So!

I have read so many articles on the “How To” ask for the sale, and “How To” ask for the money. Eventually I came to realize people were making a big a deal out of nothing.

There isn’t anything hard at all about making sales and it is actually fun when you know how to do it correctly.


For every dollar your client gives you in return for your service or product you have it returned to them multiplied instantly in wondrous ways.

When you do it like this you have no problem asking for the money, making the sale, offering up-sells and even expanding the original offer.

This makes it super fun in your conversation also because YOU KNOW more money will be returned to them by you making the sale.

There are many ways to write this out with clarity.


I SEE all of the money I ever receive from my clients for my time and services return to them multiplied instantly, in total synchronicity and greater than I could ever imagine!

And money does return to them multiplied in wondrous ways!

It is a simple process! You have empowered their life abundantly and empowered yours!

Let’s take this one step further and multiply your money…

As you have empowered your client with their money returning to them multiplied have that money returned back to you in total synchronicity and greater than you could ever imagine.

Remember: Thoughts create things! So you might as well create abundantly and create Success for Everyone while you are thinking about it.


Abundance To All…


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