Power of Now Story – The Van And The Gas Can

Power of Now Story – The Van And The Gas Can

Time Period = Early 2000’s

I was working from home this particular day and it was close to lunchtime. As usual, when I work from home I always go out for lunch. It’s a way of being with people.

Right, when I got out of the sub-division I ran out of gas. I was thinking it is only about a 5 or 7-minute walk up the hill to the nearest gas station so I got the gas can out of the trunk and started walking.

When I made the decision to go fill up the gas can there were a few things I had not considered in this manifestation.
1) It was extremely hot and humid
2) I had jeans on.
3) The hill was quite steep

After only 1 or 2 minutes into the walk, I was sweating and as I discovered the hill was steeper than it looked. I became tired very quickly.

I watched a few cars go by and pass me up. I kept thinking who would pass up a woman carrying a gas can when the gas station is only 1 minute away in a car.

More and more cars passed me up. I decided this neighborhood was not a friendly neighborhood and I would certainly tell anyone if asked what I thought about this area.

I get walking with those thoughts. This is not a nice and kind neighborhood as many cars, probably 30 plus CARS, kept passing me up. A woman carrying a gas can and the gas station is at the top of the hill. To me, this was unbelievable and unacceptable. I would always help someone who needed help.

Needless to say, I made it to the gas station and back and the wish fulfilled, gas in my car.

2 Years Later

The gas gauge on my car worked from half to full. If it was half and under the hand fell below empty. I had got used to filling up the tank and noticing the milage and adding 400 miles. I was really good at this estimating where the gas hand was and how much gas I had.

A friend of ours was having a bridal shower. It was probably about a 45-minute drive south. My daughters and I decided we would take one car that Sunday morning,  I would drive and we would leave at noon.

On the morning of the bridal shower, I received a call around 9:30 from a couple wanting to look at a house I had on the market. I told them I would meet them at 10:30 knowing that would leave me plenty of time to get back to pick up the girls.

I really had not allowed myself enough time to get ready and meet them at 10:30. I rushed out the door to make good of my commitment.

As I got in my car I noticed the gas hand below empty and estimated at least 20 miles of gas. Where I was going would be about 15 and I would get gas on the way back. That way I could meet my potential buyers of the house.

Everything worked great! I was on time and showed the couple the house. I was back on the road by 11:10 in which it gave me plenty of time to go pick up my daughters.

About 5 minutes from home the car died. OMG! I forgot to stop and get gas.

I was on the other side of that little neighborhood only two years ago no one stopped to help a lady carrying a gas can.

There were no houses in sight, only a factory off in the distance.

I was driving to the baby shower because both of my daughters had car problems. I called my son. He was in another state visiting a friend and said it would be over an hour before he could get to me.

I got out of the car and raised the hood. It was so hot and humid that day. Sweat just pouring from my body.

I got back in my car and put my window down.

I watched a few cars drive by me within minutes and not even slowing down.

Unbelieveable! A lady broke down with the hood on her car up, and everyone is too busy to stop and see if she needs help.

Just like 2 years ago. I would not recommend this neighborhood to anyone. No one cares or they are too  bsuy too care.

15 more minutes go by and another 5 – 7 cars drive by.