Prayer Treatment For Radiant Health

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Prayer Treatment For Radiant Health

You are so Powerful! You are more Powerful than you Could Ever Imagine!

This Prayer Treatment For Radiant Health will heal any situation you find yourself in.

Your body knows how to heal itself. The subconscious intelligence within that created the body knows exactly how to heal, restore, and direct all viral functions and processes of the body.

But for the body to do this properly, you have to give it the perfect idea of health.

The idea would be the CAUSE and the EFFECT would be a healing.

I discovered the Power Of These Prayer Treatments over 11 years ago when my brother was having a liver transplant. That link to an article I wrote on Linkedin about the Power We Have Within Us is at the bottom of this page. I spent many years as a Spiritual Healer with this Powerful knowledge we all have within. I still have a Spiritual Healing gig on Fiverr. If you are here and need IMMEDIATE help there is an option towards the bottom of this page for you to have me do it for you.
Enjoy your Radiant Health NOW!

The moment you have a thought, the feelings behind the thought, the moment you speak your words with intent, the moment you take action with intent of Radiant Health Creates Radiant Health Right In That Moment and that energy continues to create the perfect picture of Radiant Health just as you intended it until the Radiant Health outcome is completed.

Words are the embodiment of thoughts.

I have added the Power Words of “Fast, Easy, Fun and Safe” to this Prayer Treatment For Radiant Health. What that does is eliminates everyone’s idea of how long it takes to recover including the Doctor’s expectations like “6 weeks to recovery” and anything else unlike that. This allows source energy to create the perfect Radiant Health at it’s own speed which is much quicker and enjoyable than waiting for something to happen sometime in the future.

These Prayer Treatments For Radiant Health Work Every Single Time Whether You Believe It Or Not!

I have set Right Action in place within each Prayer Treatment dissolving into non-existence even your thoughts and feelings whether you can help heal people or not,


Make sure you read one of the prayer treatments before any type of surgery. They are Extremely Powerful for those who are having surgery because they heal really fast, safely and greater than anyone could ever imagine…

There is a high possibility if you start a Prayer Treatment before a scheduled surgery, the healing can take place and the surgery canceled.

Use the Prayer Treatments for your animal friends on surgeries and life!

You, Will, Want To Keep These Prayer Treatments In A Place
Where You Always Know Where They Are.  Use Them For Everyone and Everything.
You Have Everything To Gain!

Prayer Treatment #1 For Radiant Health And Life


(This prayer is for my (me, sister, brother, friends or animals name)
This prayer is for my _________.
(I am/She/He) is relaxed and at peace, poised, balanced, serene, and calm Right Now!

The healing intelligence of my/her/his subconscious mind that created (me/her/him) is now transforming every cell, nerve, tissue, muscle, and bone of her/his being according to the perfect pattern of all organs lodged in (my/her/his) subconscious mind Right Now, Quick, Easy, Safely, and Fun, in Total Synchronicity and Greater Than Anyone Could Ever Imagine Right Now!

Silently, quietly, all distorted thought patterns in (my/her/his) subconscious mind are removed and dissolved Right Now and the vitality, wholeness, and beautify of the life principle are made manifest in every atom of (my/her/his) being and it is Fast, Easy, Safe, and Enjoyable Right Now!

/(I am/She/He) is now open and receptive to the healing currents that are flowing through (me/her/him) like a river, restoring (me/her/him) to perfect health, harmony, and peace Right Now,  Eternally and Forevermore!

All distortions and ugly images are now washed away by the infinite ocean of love and peace flowing through (me/her/him) Right Now Eternally and Forevermore!

Perfect Health is (mine/person’s name/pet’s name) Right Now and forever more.

The Law of Harmony operates in (my/her/his) mind and body Right Now! Perfect Health, Beauty, Love, Peace and Abundance are (mine/his/hers) Right Now and forevermore!

The principles of Right Action and Divine Order govern my entire life and (persons name) Right Now and forevermore.

I know (my/their/her/his) major premise is based on eternal truths of Life Right Now, and I know and feel that (my/his/her) subconscious mind responds according to the nature of my conscious minds thinking Right Now!
And it is so!

If you are personally emotionally involved in a health situation whether it be you or someone you know and you would like for me to do this for you See How Below:

Order Your Own Personalized Prayer Treatment for Radiant Health
You will receive your own personalized Prayer Treatment written by me.

They Prayer will have the person’s/or animal’s name written with the prayer. I am open to adding anything you would like to add into the Prayer Treatment for your loved one, your pet or yourself as long as it is for everyone’s highest good!

You will receive your Personalized Prayer within 24 Hours in the form of a PDF document emailed to you at the email address of your choice and a copy mailed to your own address within 3 -7 days via the postal system.
That price is $29.97 per each specialized prayer.

If you want to order more than 1 Radiant Health Prayer Treatment and add your family, friends and/or pets there are options to purchase more in the menu to do that.

Order My Personalized Prayer Treatment Now

If you would like to have a Personalized Prayer Treatment Emailed and Mailed To Your Home And Would Rather Pay By An Invoice Sent To Your Email Account You Can Do So By Sending An Email To: with the subject line: Send Me An Invoice For Personalized Prayer Treatment.

I used this same technique, Prayer Treatment with my oldest Granddaughter when she had her first C-Section. The results were amazing! When they took off the bandages everyone in the doctor’s office was amazed and shocked at how small and light the scar was, you could barely even see it.  Everyone she met wanted to know who did her surgery.
Healing time when she was feeling great, up and getting around was less than 4 weeks. Not the normal 6 – 8 weeks.

I forgot to do the Prayer Treatment on her second C-Section and it looks normal like everyone’s else. Not as pretty.

My son’s dog Kalvin, had a major surgery that was supposed to take up 8 – 10 days to heal and to be able to walk around. The time period was 3 days and once again, the scar was so light you could barely see where the incision was.

There is a lot of Power in having a Prayer Treatment mailed to your home.

You can use the prayer for the rest of your life for your family, friends and pets.

It is a more secure way of having valuable information handy when you need it.

Many times we try to save things in our email accounts and never find them again.

There is also a tremendous powerful energy exchange just by you touching it.

Prayer Treatment #2 For Radiant Health And Life

The healing presence is right where my ____________________   is Right Now!
(I am/mother, brother, friend, pet name, loved one)

(Her/His/My) bodily condition is but a reflection of her thought life, like shadows cast on the screen. I know that in order to change the images on the screen I must change what they reflect. I now project in my own mind the thoughts of wholeness, harmony, and perfect health for _______________ (myself/persons name) Quick, Easy, Safe and Enjoyable, in Total Synchronicity and Greater Than Anyone Could Ever Imagine Right Now and Forevermore!

The infinite healing presence that created (me/person’s name) and all of (my/her/his) organs is now saturating every atom of (my/her/his) being Right Now Quick, Easy, Safe and Enjoyable, and a river of peace flows through every cell of (my/her/his) body Right Now in Total Synchronicity, Greater Than I Could Ever Imagine Forevermore!

The doctors are divinely guided and directed and whosoever touches (me/person’s name) is guided to do the Right Thing Right Now and Forevermore!

I know that disease has no ultimate reality, if it had, no one could be healed.

I  NOW align myself with the infinite principle of love and life, and I know and decree that harmony, health and peace are NOW being expressed in (my/persons’ name) body Right Now Quick, Easy, Safe and Enjoyable, In Total Synchronicity, Greater Than I Could Ever Imagine Forevermore!

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