You Are The Power And You Do The Most Incredible Things!

You Are The Power And You Do The Most Incredible Things!

Somewhere deep inside of You…You Really Know You Are
Precious, Special, Powerful, and Infinite!

You Know You Are A Person Of Infinite Worth

You Have the Power To Do the Most Incredible Things


This is a 12-week program.

  • You will Receive 12 One-On-One Personal Calls With Me
  • You will learn how to release negative energy and thoughts from your mine (that really work!)
  • You will receive each week your own personal document created just for you and your desires
  • You will receive your own personalized Power Kit mailed to your home.
  • Audio recording of our call so you can listen to it over and over again
  • Documentation written just for you and your personal experience before and after each call
  • My private email address to ask questions during normal business hours
  • A Powerful Personalized Wealth and Success CD Created Just For You.
    This personalized audio is 25 – 30 minutes affirming that you are tremendously wealthy and healthy millionaire while specifically stating and affirming your name throughout. Your career specified (lucrative opportunity) and the amount you see yourself receiving each month.

    I have found once I give a client something to look forward to such as the Personal Wealth CD they have no
    problem giving up the old way of doing things, old habits and old lifestyle because they are excited about their new lifestyle. The Personalized Wealth Audio is Major and created by my friend Carole. Why Does It Work So Easy?
    Your ultimate vision created for you in a script, so you can
    proof read edit and enhance if you choose. Specific Areas Are Targeted In The Wealth CD:
  • Relationship
  • Career and Success
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Body and Health
  • Friends and Family
  • Overflowing Abundance and Financial Prosperity

    These Personalized Wealth CD’s are created just for YOU
    And Live One-One-One Coaching!
    Create Your Ultimate Vision In Life Now!

    Move Into A Life Of Abundance and Prosperity!


    Power Of Now Expertise That Will Rock Your World! 

To help people just like you to move into a life of Total Abundance and get really happy, successful and enjoy your life to the fullest easily once and for all, I also put together a no cost call so you will be able to understand the True You -> Happy, Successful and Filled with Joy and it will never be a mystery again to you anymore.

In order to do this, there is one thing you can do right now to improve your life today! What can you do right now, starting today is have a Skype/Conference Call with me. It will be on a line like a conference call and for 1 hour you will have my full attention to discuss your particular problems so I can help you in the best possible way.

SELECT: You Are The Power And You Do The Most Incredible Things!

I work in the field of energy and anything you could possibly think of that stops you from being in your true power I can energetically shift for you. You will blossom like a flower and shift into your own power.  “Ladies! Claim Your Power Back” program does just that. No more limitations

Are You Are Now Ready To Be Do And Have Your Abundant And Prosperous Life?

It’s So Easy To Believe In Yourself To Make Positive, Powerful and Lasting Change!

If you are ready to say YES
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I have Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s available Right Now to devote my time just for you.

Click below for all of the details.  After payment, you will be directed to my booking page to schedule your first session and expect to receive a phone call from me welcoming you. Congratulations for saying YES to Success!

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Vivian Baxter: Power Of Now Professional Life and Business Coach
Creator of the Amazing “You Are The Power And You Do The Most Incredible Things!